Originals: The Sopranos (Season 1)
The Sopranos S1 02: 46 Long
The Sopranos S1 02: 46 Long

It's a difficult week for Tony. His hotheaded nephew Christopher and Christopher's wild friend, Brendan, start hijacking trucks for some extra cash. But the cargo belongs to Comley Trucking, who pays protection money to Uncle Junior. Tony hopes he and Junior can settle the misunderstanding between the two of them, but Junior insists on a meeting with acting mob boss and terminally ill Giacomo "Jackie" Aprile. Junior demands the stolen goods be returned to Comley and tribute be paid to him. After having to pay a large amount of money to Uncle Junior and a stern warning from Tony to stop stealing Comley vehicles, Brendan defies Tony's order and hijacks yet another Comley truck.

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