Originals: Six Feet Under (Season 4)
Six Feet Under S4 01: Falling Into Place
Six Feet Under S4 01: Falling Into Place

Still battered from his bar fight, Nate turns to Brenda for comfort, following the terrible news that Lisa's body has been found. Brenda and Nate have a brief, misguided sexual encounter which leaves an awkwardness between them the morning after. David is still unsure if he wants to be with Keith, but invites him to spend the night anyway. Lisa's mum insists on cremating Lisa, and burying her in the family mausoleum. But Nate insists on giving Lisa the funeral she wanted -- to be buried in nature, without a casket or any chemicals pumped into her. Frederico tells Vanessa that her sister, Angelica, can stay in the house as long as she wants but a surprise is brewing. In the end, between Nate and David, they find a way of allowing both the Fishers and the Kimmels to have the funeral that each wanted for Lisa.

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