No Way Jose
No Way Jose
Starring: Emily Osment, Gillian Jacobs, Adam Goldberg
Directed By: Adam Goldberg
Genre: Comedy

Jose Stern -- formerly Joseph Stern, until he discovered he was 1/8th Mexican -- is on the precipice of turning 40. He and his band, The Borges, have been relegated to playing children’s birthday parties. He was always a little miserable. Thankfully, he has in essence the perfect woman to balance him. Dusty, his fiancé, is a warm, beautiful, laid back, supportive, veterinarian. She is the Yin to his Yang. That is, until she uses the "iPervert" iPhone predator locater in their new Glendale home and discovers that Jose is a convicted sex offender -- albeit for having sex with a promiscuous 16 year-old when he was a virginal 18 year-old. And she kicks Jose out and into the warm bosom of his falling-apart-at-the -seams-married-with-children friends' home , where he spends the rest of film seeking counsel from his burnt out friends, dates an insane ex-girlfriend, and sorts through his past, all in an effort to find himself...and perhaps Dusty.

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