Originals: Longford
Starring: Jim Broadbent, Samantha Morton, Lindsay Duncan
Directed By: Thomas Hooper
Genre: Drama

A powerful HBO Original about crime, punishment, redemption and forgiveness that profiles one of the 20th Century’s most unusual and magnetic public personalities: Frank Aungier Pakenham, the 7th Earl of Longford. Set in the last three decades of his life, the film explores Longford’s Roman Catholic faith, his fervent belief in the power of redemption, and how he became a tireless champion of prisoners’ rights, no matter how repugnant their crimes. Most notably, the drama recounts Longford’s infamous meetings and correspondence with Myra Hindley, who was implicated in the murder of several children in England in 1966 and was vilified by the public while serving a life sentence in prison.

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