Originals: Everyday People
Everyday People
Starring: Stephen Henderson, Jordan Gelber, Ron Butler
Directed By: Jim McKay
Genre: Drama

Like the characters sung about by Sly & The Family Stone in their famous 1968 chart topping hit, "Everyday People" is a brilliant and deeply empathetic film about a day in the life of a group of hard-working New Yorkers. Long-standing restaurant and Brooklyn neighborhood institution, Raskin's, is going out of business, and Ira, the owner, doesn't have the guts to tell his employees that they are about to lose their jobs. So it falls upon Raskin's gentle but firm manager, Arthur, to break the news. The reaction of the people who work at and around Raskin's becomes the ensemble focus of the director, Jim McKay. From the waiters and the bus boys, to the neighborhood street vendor, a myriad of feelings surface upon receiving the news. Resentment, shock, denial, hostility, hurt, anxiety, anger, hope and pride course through their veins as they ultimately realize that life must go on, and that it has to be lived with dignity.

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