Originals: Capturing Mary
Capturing Mary
Starring: Maggie Smith, Ruth Wilson, David Walliams
Directed By: Stephen Poliakoff
Genre: Drama

Caretaker Joe Dix is introduced to Mary Gilbert, a past luminary of the grand mansion he now tends. When Joe welcomes Mary into the dormant house, he coaxes her in to sharing her memories of it with him. Once inside, Mary wanders the corridors of the splendid mansion in which, as a brilliant young writer and critic, she attended glamorous soirées during the late Fifties. As she does so, she recounts to Joe the tale of woe that befell her within the gilded walls. Reflecting on her heyday, remembering parties and functions with the cultural élite, she is haunted by the memory of a subtly evil man, Greville White, who feigned friendship but actually brought about her destruction.

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