Best In Show
Best In Show
Starring: Fred Willard, Catherine O'hara, Eugene Levy
Directed By: Christopher Guest
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 1 hr 22 min

Michael HitchcockParker RoseyYou'll laugh your heart out from the beginning to the end of 'Best in show'. Here's a comedy about people who can get so obsessed with the same thing that it becomes more than just a part of their lives. In this film, the obsession is be the winner at a Dog show. The story follows the lives of a cross-section of characters (a man who talks to his bloodhound, a couple made up of a man who cannot dance and a woman who has slept with almost every man in town before her marriage, and a gay couple who follow eastern meditation). The common link between all these characters is that they leave their homes and go great lengths to secure the first prize at the Mayflower Dog Show. Hilarious stuff this.

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