Barracuda (Season 1)
Barracuda S1 02
Barracuda S1 02

After Danny's success in Albury, he trains hard with the swim squad. And he's finally earned their respect. However, coach Torma unsettles Danny by insisting he change his stroke to butterfly. He believes Danny will never win gold with freestyle. Danny's new best friend, Martin Taylor confesses his fears about qualifying for the Nationals to Danny and the two make a pact they'll do it together. At the qualifying meet, Danny smashes his race to qualify for the Nationals. Wilco also wins, but devastingly, Taylor doesn't qualify. In Brisbane, Danny and Wilco get their first taste of the elite world of competitive swimming and they are also introduced to Ben Whitter from the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS). Will Danny win at the Nationals with his newly mastered butterfly stroke?

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