Originals: Girls (Season 4)
Girls (Season 4)
Starring: Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Adam Driver
Directed By:
Genre: Comedy
After a congratulatory dinner with her parents, Hannah and Adam pack up the last of Hannah’s boxes and discuss “the plan” for their soon-to-be long-distance relationship. Marnie and Desi perform as part of a jazz brunch for a distracted crowd at a downtown restaurant. Shoshanna signs for her diploma with her parents, who make a bigger deal out of the event than Shoshanna thinks necessary. Jessa is confronted by Beedie’s daughter Rickie, and later seems nonplussed by Hannah’s impending departure.

Episodes Highlights
Girls S4 01: Iowa

Hannah readies for Iowa; Marnie performs with Desi at a jazz brunch; Shoshanna gets her diploma; Jessa faces off with Beedie’s daughter.

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