La La Land

Wed, Oct 24  10:50PM

La La Land
Thu, Oct 25  10:00PM
Fri, Oct 26  10:50PM
Star Trek (2009)
Sat, Oct 27  9:00PM
Sun, Oct 28  10:00PM
Mon, Oct 29  10:00PM
Being Serena
Tue, Oct 30  9:00PM
Get Out
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Thu, Oct 25  8:10PM  
American Made
Wed, Oct 24  9:00PM  
Annabelle: Creation
Sat, Oct 27  6:00AM  
Mon, Oct 29  10:00PM  
Being Serena
Wed, Oct 31  9:45AM  
Bridget Jones's Baby
Fri, Oct 26  1:05AM  
Thu, Nov 1  4:15AM  
Thu, Oct 25  9:05AM  
Wed, Oct 24  2:20AM  
Collateral Beauty
Fri, Oct 26  6:00AM  
Cop And A Half: New Recruit
Fri, Oct 26  3:05AM  
Dances With Wolves
Mon, Oct 29  8:20PM  
Tue, Oct 30  5:15PM  
Despicable Me
Thu, Nov 1  2:50AM  
Thu, Oct 25  7:25AM  
Escape From New York
Wed, Oct 24  12:30AM  
Sun, Oct 28  6:00AM  
Forces Of Nature
Fri, Oct 26  7:10PM  
Mon, Oct 29  2:50AM  
Get Carter
Tue, Oct 30  9:00PM  
Get Out
Sat, Oct 27  7:15PM  
Ghost In The Shell
Fri, Oct 26  1:35AM  
Ghost Ship
Tue, Oct 30  10:45PM  
Happy Death Day
Wed, Oct 24  6:00AM  
Head Over Heels
Fri, Oct 26  3:45PM  
Hotel For Dogs
Sun, Oct 28  8:10AM  
Sat, Oct 27  9:50AM  
In Time
Sun, Oct 28  10:15AM  
Inside Out
Sat, Oct 27  9:00PM  
Mon, Oct 29  4:30AM  
King Charles III
Thu, Oct 25  12:15PM  
Knight And Day
Wed, Oct 24  10:50PM  
La La Land
Thu, Oct 25  2:30AM  
Last Holiday
Fri, Oct 26  9:35AM  
Live By Night
Mon, Oct 29  7:35AM  
Man On Fire
Mon, Oct 29  6:25PM  
Marley & Me
Thu, Oct 25  2:00PM  
Meet The Fockers
Wed, Oct 31  5:10PM  
Meet The Robinsons
Tue, Oct 30  12:35AM  
Moonlight (2016)
Wed, Oct 24  7:05PM  
My Dinner With Herve
Wed, Oct 31  3:40PM  
Nacho Libre
Thu, Oct 25  10:55PM  
Patriots Day
Fri, Oct 26  5:25PM  
Rango (2011)
Sat, Oct 27  3:00AM  
Wed, Oct 24  3:15PM  
Robin Hood
Tue, Oct 30  4:40AM  
Scary Movie 3
Mon, Oct 29  6:00AM  
Thu, Oct 25  6:25PM  
Sing (2016)
Fri, Oct 26  10:50PM  
Star Trek (2009)
Tue, Oct 30  6:50PM  
The Accountant
Thu, Oct 25  12:55AM  
The Beguiled (2017)
Sat, Oct 27  3:15PM  
The Finest Hours (2016)
Fri, Oct 26  7:35AM  
The Founder
Wed, Oct 24  10:50AM  
The Great Raid
Thu, Oct 25  6:00PM  
The HBO Movie Show 04
Sun, Oct 28  6:00PM  
The Lego Ninjago Movie
Sun, Oct 28  3:50AM  
The Light Between Oceans
Thu, Oct 25  10:40AM  
The Losers
Fri, Oct 26  9:00PM  
The Mummy (2017)
Mon, Oct 29  4:30PM  
The Princess Diaries
Mon, Oct 29  12:55AM  
The Rite
Sat, Oct 27  4:40AM  
The Rugrats Movie
Wed, Oct 24  7:25AM  
The Time Of Their Lives
Wed, Oct 24  9:05AM  
The Usual Suspects
Wed, Oct 31  6:00AM  
Under Siege (1992)
Wed, Oct 24  4:20AM  
Universal Soldier
Thu, Oct 25  6:00AM  
Wedding March 2: Resorting To Love
Sun, Oct 28  2:15AM  
Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!
Sun, Oct 28  7:40PM  
Wonder Woman