Midnight Sun
Midnight Sun
Starring: Bella Thorne, Patrick Schwarzenegger , Rob Riggle
Directed By: Scott Speer
Genre: Romance

Sheltered since early childhood, 17-year-old Katie Price (Bella Thorne), lives with a life-threatening sensitivity to sunlight. During the day she is housebound, having only her father, Jack (Rob Riggle) for company. But it is after dark that Katie’s world opens up and when she ventures out to the local train station to play her guitar for travellers. One night, she meets Charlie (Patrick Schwarzenegger), an ex-high school all-star athlete, whom she has secretly admired for years. As they embark on nightly summer excursions, Katie’s risk to sunlight grows and she’s presented with the gut-wrenching dilemma of whether she can live a normal life with her newfound soul mate.

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