Originals: Master Of The White Crane Fist: Wong Yan-Lam
Master Of The White Crane Fist: Wong Yan-Lam
Starring: Ran Zhao, Qian Zhang, Fei Meng
Directed By: Jian Yong Guo
Genre: Action-Adventure

Directed by Guo Jian-yong, who also directed the first two instalments, MASTER OF THE WHITE CRANE FIST: WONG YAN-LAM is set in ancient China during the late Qing dynasty and tells the story of four constables escorting a criminal crossing paths with a theatre troupe and a mysterious priest, setting off a series of events that will lead to the murder of a constable. Amongst them is the legendary Master of the White Crane Fist, who will unravel the consequences of greed, revenge, betrayal and opium-smuggling.

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