Originals: The World Behind The Teenage Psychic
The World Behind The Teenage Psychic
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Genre: Special
Duration: 0 hr 46 min

THE WORLD BEHIND THE TEENAGE PSYCHIC is an HBO Asia original documentary that seeks to delve deeper into the traditions and culture that the coming-of-age series, THE TEENAGE PSYCHIC, is based on. Filmed entirely in Taiwan, the hour-long Mandarin documentary explores some of the unique shamanistic practices that call Taiwan home - taking the audience on a journey through the rituals and beliefs surrounding the Ghost Month. The Ghost Month is the pinnacle of the annual spiritual calendar in Taiwan - when the gates of hell are said to open, and spirits enter the world of the living. Weaving through the festivities, THE WORLD BEHIND THE TEENAGE PSYCHIC follows different characters to explore how a distinct blend of Taoist, Buddhist, Chinese Folklore and indigenous belief systems continue to flourish in modern Taiwan.

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