Originals: The Tale
The Tale
Starring: Laura Dern, Elizabeth Debicki, Jason Ritter
Directed By: Jennifer Fox
Genre: Drama

Jennifer Fox (Laura Dern) is an accomplished documentarian working in New York to complete her latest project, about the lives of women around the world. She receives a series of phone calls from her mother, Nettie (Ellen Burstyn), who has found a short story Jennifer wrote at the age of 13. In it, she describes various encounters with her riding instructor Mrs. G (Elizabeth Debicki) and her running coach Bill (Jason Ritter) while away at summer camp. While Nettie is unnerved by the implications of her daughter’s writing, Jennifer is nonplussed. She has always looked back with fondness on the time she spent with the two charismatic adults. But egged on by Nettie and yearning to know more, Jennifer sets out on a journey to find the real people 30 years later. But the more she learns, the more her memories shift and the more questions she unearths.

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