Originals: The Bridge
The Bridge
Starring: Rebecca Lim, Bront Palarae, Tony Eusoff
Directed By: Thean-Jeen Lee
Genre: Action-Adventure
The Bridge centers around the investigation of a double homicide that happened over the second link bridge between Malaysia and Singapore. When the lights go out and comback on again over the second link, a body was found exactly halfway between the two countries - split in half and made up of different women. Following the investigation led by Detectives Megat and Serena from Malaysia and Singapore, The Killer soon reveals his true intentions of wanting to illuminate five social issues that are causing rot on both sides of the border. As the story unfolds, a connection between The Killer and the ones chasing him becomes apparent and it would seem that The Killer has one last score to settle.

Episodes Highlights
The Bridge S1 01

The series follows two detectives from Singapore and Malaysia, Serena and Megat, as they join forces to investigate a double murder case.

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