ASIA ORIGINAL: The Teenage Psychic
The Teenage Psychic
Starring: Shu-Yau Kuo, Kent Tsai, Nana Lee
Directed By: Ho Yu Chen
Genre: Drama
Xiao Zhen is a 16-year-old teenager with psychic abilities. Although she is told that it is her destiny, Xiao Zhen does not believe her powers truly help others and longs to be a normal teenager like her peers. Her life becomes more complicated when she develops a crush on new student, Ah Le.

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The Teenage Psychic S1 01

Xiao Zhen is a teenager who possesses psychic abilities and must learn to juggle between school, temple duties, and a high school crush.

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The Teenage Psychic S1 02
The Teenage Psychic S1 03
The Teenage Psychic S1 04
The Teenage Psychic S1 05
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