ASIA ORIGINAL: The Talwars: Behind Closed Doors
The Talwars: Behind Closed Doors
Starring: Vedehi Nayar, Dev Chauhan, Aarti Malhotra
Directed By: P.A. Carter
Genre: Special
The documentary begins with Drs. Rajesh and Nupur Talwar on the morning of 16 May 2008, discovering their daughter, Aarushi Talwar, lying dead in her bed, bludgeoned and with her throat cut. Their Nepali servant, Hemraj Banjade, is missing and believed to be the culprit until his bloated and battered body is discovered on the apartment roof terrace. There were seemingly just the four people in the apartment that night and only two of them are still alive. To the police investigation teams leading the inquiry, the parents must be the murderers, but after nine years, three investigations, a trial and appeal, and now an acquittal, nothing is as it seems. Featuring never-before-seen exclusive interviews with Aarushi’s parents, THE TALWARS: BEHIND CLOSED DOORS speaks with those most closely involved in this twisted tale of intrigue, mystery that has turned this double murder into one of India’s most notorious crimes.

Episodes Highlights
The Talwars: Behind Closed Doors Part 1

A gripping documentary that examines the mystery behind the double murder of a teenage girl and her family’s household servant in Noida, India.

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The Talwars: Behind Closed Doors Part 2
The Talwars: Behind Closed Doors Part 3
The Talwars: Behind Closed Doors Part 4
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