Starring: Prisia Nasution, Iedil Putra, Shaheizy Sam
Directed By: Dain Said
Genre: Horror-Thriller

Emotionally distraught and experiencing strange hallucinations after witnessing the aftermath of a bizarre murder, forensic photographer Adam (Iedil Putra) retreats from the world, until Detective Man (Shaheizy Sam) arrives at his doorstep. Another murder has occurred, one with undeniable similarities to the one that pushed Adam over the edge. Adam’s help is required to unravel the mystery - one revolving around corpses drained of blood, impossible feathers and antique photographs that appear to capture Adam’s beautiful new neighbour Iva (Prisia Nasution) decades before she could have been alive. As Adam is drawn further into Iva’s tribal world and Man delves deeper into his investigation, they discover the city’s mystical underbelly of shamans and supernatural beings as century-old superstitions come to life.

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