Lea To The Rescue
Lea To The Rescue
Starring: Maggie Elizabeth Jones, Hallie Todd, Storm Reid
Directed By: Nadia Tass
Genre: Family
Duration: 1 hr 33 min

Born for adventure, Lea Clark heads deep into the Brazilian rainforest, where her most exciting story awaits. When Lea’s brother, Zac, goes missing while studying the ecology in South America—and she suspects he’s fallen prey to a band of ruthless animal poachers—Lea convinces her mom to spring into action. From the minute their plane touches down, Lea’s mom wants her to stay safe in the city, but Lea is determined to save both her brother and the endangered exotic animals she loves! Will Lea come to the rescue of her brother before it’s too late?

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Sat, Dec 22  4:25AM
Sat, Dec 22  2:50PM

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