Fraggle Rock (Season 4)
Fraggle Rock S4 11: Boober Gorg
Fraggle Rock S4 11: Boober Gorg

After being hit on the head by an exploding radish, Boober thinks he’s a Gorg. When he tells Ma and Pa, they believe him because they think a sorcerer has changed Junior, who is missing, into a Fraggle. Ma and Pa do their best to accept Boober as their son and heir to the empire, while the Fraggles attempt to rescue their pal. However, Boober learns how to be a Gorg so well that he captures the Fraggles. But while trying to figure out what horrible, nasty thing to do, Boober’s friends bring him back to reality. Right then, Junior, who had been asleep in the bell tower, wakes up.

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