Aliens Ate My Homework
Aliens Ate My Homework
Starring: Jayden Greig, Lauren McNamara, Dan Payne
Directed By: Sean McNamara
Genre: Family
Duration: 1 hr 26 min

Based on Bruce Coville's best-selling book series, this suspenseful family comedy follows the adventures of sixth-grader Rod Allbright and the extraterrestrial lawmen known as the Galactic Patrol. When a tiny spaceship flies through his window and lands on his science project, Rod and his cousin Elspeth meet a group of friendly aliens, including Phil, a talking plant (voiced by William Shatner). The earthlings quickly join the aliens' adventurous mission to help defeat an evil alien criminal. After discovering the evil alien is disguised as a human - someone he knows all too well – Rod and Elspeth race to save the world from total planetary disaster.

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Tue, Nov 20  8:40PM
Wed, Nov 21  1:55PM

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